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So, you want to join a Modeling Agency? 

READ all information below and then decide if TL Modeling Agency is right for you!






















If you’re receiving this link, then your picture has already been viewed by a TL Modeling Agency scout.  Usually, we conduct in-person model/actor interviews in our Galleria office.  Due to a busy casting schedule, we are offering all information on-line during the month of July and August.  This is the same information received in our in-person interviews.  

Who We Represent:

TL Modeling Agency represents children aged 4+, Teens and Adults up to age 60.  We currently represent over 250 people in the state of Texas and Louisiana.  As of now, we are only signing new talent who live in these states.  We work with actors and models on all levels. We currently do not represent singers or dancers.  No experience is necessary to join our agency but you MUST have a desire to shine and be confident enough to audition.

Companies We Work With:

TL Modeling Agency is a premier agency in the State of Texas.  We are an approved agency, receiving several casting notices from professional casting directors usually in the state of Texas; we receive out-of-state jobs as well.  We have  long list of companies that our models/actors have booked jobs with.  The following are just a few:



How We Market Our Models:

Each model/actor represented by TL Modeling Agency is showcased on our website www.tlmodelingagency.com.  We showcase 11 images of our models preferably in 3 different outfits to give the casting directors an over-all look.  We use headshots, 3/4 shots and full body images.  Our model websites are open to the public to view.  Casting directors frequently review our models webpage before offering the job or audition.

How YOU Are Chosen to Audition:

At no time can TL Modeling Agency guarantee jobs or auditions but we work with some of the best casting directors looking for great talent.  Casting Directors will send us audition notifications using a secure casting site.  We are an approved agent, on the casting directors site, so we receive some of the most prestigious and higher paying jobs.  Casting Directors prefer to work with professional agencies; that’s why you will not find professional auditions posted on-line (they are sent directly to professional modeling/acting agencies).  

2 Types of Bookings:

Auditions– You go to the specific casting directors location and audition.  90% of jobs will require in-person auditions.

Direct Booking– The casting director reviews your pictures, on our website, and offers the job without an audition

We receive castings from Houston, Austin, Dallas and San Antonio.  Many of the high paying jobs come out of the Austin area.  We also work with casting directors looking for models for on-location shoots.  Our most famous destination shoot was with H&M.  They booked our model and flew her to Cancun, Mexico to shoot their advertising campaign. 



Each job pays different.  We never know how much a job will pay until the casting is available.  Our lowest paying job was $100.  Our highest paying job was $12,000 for the Subway Commercial.  When you book a job, the casting director receives all payment information from your agency.  Checks are sent to us, usually within 6 weeks of you completing the job. 


We deduct 20% commission from any jobs that we book for you.  We do not take taxes out of your check although, depending on the casting company they may.  You are responsible for reporting taxes at the end of the year.  You are considered a 1099 employee with TL Modeling Agency.


We are not a modeling or acting school but we do have random modeling or acting classes available for our talent to sign up for.  Watch these video’s to see some classes that were previously conducted in our Sugar Land office.



Any model/actor signed with our agency MUST have professional fashion photographs.  Models can shoot with our preferred fashion photographer, in our Heights studio, or you can submit your own professional images for use on our website.  Pictures must be professional.  We will not use any amateur or unprofessional images on our website.  Your pictures are the MOST important tool used to market your look.  Casting Directors do not know your personality, they are only going by pictures, when offering the audition.  Our preferred photographer is Nival Photography.  Our professional Model Portfolio photo-shoots start at $395.  Our package includes 3 looks (you bring 3 stylish outfits).  You will receive about 25 professionally edited fashion images including headshots, full body shots and 3/4 shots.  Most work can be seen on our Instagram or Facebook page. More Nival Photography images are show at the bottom.























TL Modeling Agency offers 1 year Non-Exclusive Contracts.  Non-Exclusive means if you sign with our agency you can be signed with any other agency as well.  We do not restrict your representation.  Our agency receives 20% Commission for any job that we book for you.  Easy math: if the job pays $1000 you receive $800 and your agency receives $200.  If you find a job on your own, TL Modeling Agency does not collect commission.  This ensures that your modeling agency is working hard to book you jobs.  Our commission is how we make our money.

Contracts are emailed to those requesting to join.  There is nothing “funny” in our contracts.  We email them to allow our talent time to review.  We are not a pressure agency.  We only want to represent people who are serious about working in this industry.



TL Modeling Agency has a one-time fee of $249 to create and maintain your webpage on TL Modeling Agency’s website www.tlmodelingagency.com.  Once the webpage is created, we can change any information and update any pictures if necessary.  We have several people that have been signed with us for 5 years and longer.  You will  not have to pay the website design fee again.


Why a Website Design Fee: 

We outsource our website to a third party vendor.  They create your professional page and upload your pictures.  The fee pays for any maintenance fee’s, on the site, during your first contract year..  Once website is created, TL Modeling Agency staff can make changes throughout your contract term.  The website is considered your ON-LINE digital model portfolio.  It’s the most important tool we use to market your look to casting directors.


Now that you have all the information, you can email us at info@tlmodelingagency.com or tlmodelingagency@gmail.com to request contracts.  Make sure the person signing with the agency has their legal name and age listed in the email request. 

We will create and email the Non-Exclusive documents for your review.  You will also receive a PayPal link to make the website design fee payment.  All documents are due back to us by this Saturday, including: signed documents and the website design fee.

Contracts that are not returned by Saturday will be canceled.   We run a professional business, we only want to work with those that are also professional and ready to work!  By returning your contracts and time an paying your website design fee, you express a definite interest in performing for TL Modeling Agency.

After receiving contracts, you can email, fax or mail the signed contracts to us.  All of our contracts can be canceled within 3 days of you sending them back.  If you make a website design fee payment and then decide that you’re not fully ready to join our agency, we will refund your money as long as you request within 3 days of making payment.